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What Lies At the Center #8: Wendy Hambidge

Hello Heart Marrow Community,

Welcome to Virgo Season, within which we will experience both the second half of the Venus retrograde, in Leo; and the whole of the Mercury retrograde, in Virgo. Mmmmmm... two very different energies, yet- joined by succession and progression. Meaning, Virgo comes after Leo in the order of the zodiac. Also meaning, the movement from Leo to Virgo is a progression. So we get to linger for a while in the movement between these two energies. Those of us who were born in Cancer or Leo, might know about this progression throughout our lives, because our sun signs progress each year through a degree of the zodiac. If you are curious to know more about progressions in your personal chart, you can book a session with me HERE.

This undulating progression steps from heat to a field of grass, and back again. From being center stage to being in the city in on a street full of people. From gathering to dispersion to another gathering. It is a great time to experience paradox and practice balance. To feel the both/and; for example, to be in service to the self and to interact with others because it feels good. To re-examine how we give, and who we give to, including ourselves.

Not a small task.

And here is the eighth edition of the micro-interview series What Lies At the Center? Each month, I invite a guest to the space of Heart Marrow, conducting a micro-interview with a person who brings me awareness and connection- with hopes that their personal genius might bring you some too.

This month I interviewed the beloved Wendy Hambidge.

I have known Wendy for about five years now, first encountering her in an Authentic Movement practice. I went on to study experiential anatomy and movement with her off and on, most recently within a small study group of somatic practitioners for the past two years.

Wendy holds space and spaciousness.

Wendy holds space and spaciousness.

Wendy holds space and spaciousness.

Part of me wants to simply repeat that seven times because that would be the most true for me.

Wendy is wise, like an owl, very much like an owl. She has a sweet little yurt nestled into her bird-full backyard where she draws, moves, and hosts other movers. It feels like a generous space. Like a space where anything might, and does, happen. Like a space that wants to be filled with light and air and soil.

Wendy also travels a lot. She is curious about other cultures and is asked to teach in many different places over the world. I continuously feel honored to know and learn with her. Thank you Wendy for your unique and steady innovation.

You can learn more about Wendy and her work HERE.

Scroll down to receive artworkand written contributions. AND!!- please share this love letter with those who you feel might benefit- using the email or social media button at the bottom of the letter, or simply by forwarding it to them, or reading it aloud.


Wendy Hambidge is a Body-Mind Centering® Practitioner (2006) & Teacher (2012), choreographer, and performer with a passion for social justice and seeing and being with each individual person. She holds an MFA in Choreography and Performance (1983) from Case Western University (same University as Sarah-Lu’s mom!) She has practiced Transcendental Meditation since 1972.

Her current body of work explores the role of dance and BMC® as tools for dismantling, disarming, resisting, and recovery from the deep bodily harm of systemic racism and oppression. This work stems from research into her family history, slavery, and racism through a somatic lens. She works to address and unpack these difficult topics through the generous time and talent of family members, mentors, friends, colleagues, and her work as a somatic professional, and dance maker.

She sees individual clients, hosts study groups, and teaches in certification programs for the School For Body-Mind Centering®.

Wendy Hambidge: What Lies At the Center for you?

I immediately think of infinity in a point, point value, a phrase I heard from Maharishi Mahesh Yogi in the late 1970’s.

All of creation in a point. All of creation condensed, drawn together to a single infinitely dense point.

It is heady and abstract and I feel it in me, inside me.

And these points are everywhere.

And each of us has this infinite point value at our center.

The points talk with one another, are in relationship.


I ask my body

What lies at the center?

I draw with my left hand

I draw with my right hand

And then a point arises

What lies at the center?

Infinity in a point

Pure potentiality, swirling chaos, perfect order

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