Sarah-Luella Baker

multi-disciplinary artist * mama * witch

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a bit about me...

Over a lifetime of creative exploration, multi-disciplinary artist Sarah-Luella Baker has interacted with movement, sound, instrumentation, theatre arts, and visual arts in order to coax, excavate, process, and emote the soul’s journey. Her life’s work comes from a fierce desire for revelation, and for understanding her own place in the larger struggle of being humxn. 


Always searching for connection, Sarah-Lu is inspired by natural elements such as water, landscape, rock, scent, flowers, animal and human bodies, trees, and soil. Orientation, journeying, intense exposure of self, are key concepts in her work. Explorations of identity speak to the intersections of personal and archetypal reckoning.


Sarah-Lu holds an MFA from UC Davis, where she studied with Della Davidson. In 2019 she was selected to a six-month choreographic residency at New Expressive Works in Portland, OR. She has also developed and produced choreographic works of art in the Bay Area, the Salt Lake Valley, and at festivals and workshops in NYC and Vancouver BC.  Her visual art has been shown in online galleries, and will be available for solo viewing at Glasshaus Gardens in SE Portland Jan-March of 2022.


Sarah-Lu is mother to two brilliantly perceptive children, and formerly the decade-long founder and owner of a local school for young children. She considers the work of conceiving, birthing, and mothering to be in direct relationship to the work of creating art- viewing both as embodied and creative practices of presence and direct relationship. Sarah-Lu is the founder and owner of a healing arts practice called Radicle Heart. She lives with her two kids, a tall drink of water, and two extra-large pig-dogs in SE Portland. 


I'm always looking for new connections and explorations. Let's connect.