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evolution at the confluence of astrology, art, and the body


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Sarah-Luella Baker
MFA, RSMT/E, PhD Student

Dear future collaborators:

I work with women, mothers, and the queer community.  You can find more about my current work, The Mother Well, HERE. Or seek HERE for somatic expressive arts packages and astrology sessions. 


Heart Marrow is a conductor of transformative energy that builds internal resources- both personally and collectively, through astrology, art, and somatic education. Heart Marrow is an anti-racist, anti-bias movement supporting the community through spiritual and somatic development, clearing the energy of domination within the individual and subsequently within the community and culture.


Although Heart Marrow’s work extends across the globe, its home with Sarah-Lu and her family is on the ancestral lands of the Clackamas, Multnomah, and bands of Chinook— the current Siletz and Cowlitz tribes. This is also home to many human and more-than-human descendants of colonizers, immigrants, and refugees who have landed here for many reasons. With and for these lands we connect, collaborate, and take part in deep healing.

Heart Marrow Services


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