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select past works

A Salable Hark Lure 2017-2020

A Salable Hark Lure is a choreographic triptych sourcing the theme of ancestry as it relates to personal and collective experiences of whiteness and white supremacy culture.  The first section for this piece, Without a Map, was formed in part at a six-month residency at New Expressive Works and shown in March of 2019. The second section- Whitewashed- was performed at FLOCK as part of their Critical Engagement Series in February of 2020. The third section, Reformation, and the evening-length engagement were to be shown in a two-weekend run at New Expressive Works in the Spring of 2020. Due to Covid, we were never able to perform the piece in full. Thanks to Becky Spark, Celine Bouly, Gina James, Nancy Ellis, Ness Hallow, Paula Helen for the generative collaboration on this work; to Bonnie Scott for the animation; and to Intisar Abioto- photo credit. 


Replica 2003

A twenty-minute quartet using movement, found music, grand set-design, and artifact to create a dreamlike sequence. Photo credit Luiza Silva. 


Other projects include...

CROW 2006

A multi-sectioned work that explored dream worlds and surrealism. 


A ten-minute quintet using movement and sound sourcing themes of death and dying.


A twenty-five minute piece with three solos, using original composed music with collaborator James Shelton. Performed in the theatre as well as public outdoor settings.



A ten-minute duet with dance and vocals


A ten-minute piece created for a dancer, a singer, and a pianist.


It's Hard Not to Be Beautiful Here 2021

A daylong ritual art piece enacted around and in the river with eight other local artists. This piece took place on the Virgo Full Moon in September of 2021.  Thanks to Becky Spark, Celine Bouly, Tracy Broyles, Chelsea Petrakis, Carolyn Hauck, Bethany Hayes, Daniel Addy, and Adrian Hutapea- photo credit. 


In the Yard 2004-2006

Two different versions of this evening-length work. Sourced from themes of compulsory schooling, the school to prison pipeline, gender, and the links between. The piece included originally-composed music made from ear for accordion, cello, piano and voice; as well as original digital music and costuming. Special thanks to the wonderful Hester Chillingsworth and the amazing Rachel Gibbs, and to Vanessa and Laura and Della Davidson, thanks so Lauren Scout. Sarah Parker Leventer, and Sonya Smith. Photo credit Luiza Silva


Swallow 2004

A ten-minute solo piece employing movement and sound created in tandem; working with themes of female oppression, female lineage, and humor.

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