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What Lies At The Center #6: Tracy K Broyles

Hello Heart Marrow Loves, We are entering my favorite season, Cancer Season... the beginning of summer.

Cancer brings possibilities for deep nurturance and for unspoken needs to come forward. More on this later in the month on the new moon. For now...

We have the sixth edition of the micro-interview series What Lies At the Center? Each month, I invite a guest to the space of Heart Marrow, conducting a micro-interview with a person who brings me awareness and connection- with hopes that their personal genius might bring you some too.

This month I interviewed Tracy K Broyles.

I first heard of Tracy from my friend Celine in 2017. Celine told me- you must meet each other; you are both witches! So when I met Tracy in a class of hers, I approached her afterward and told her this story, which she delighted in.

Tracy is... I don't even know how to describe Tracy. But here goes. Tracy is warm, loving, strong AF, fierce, kind, and embracing. Super spirit-smart. Encouragingly enigmatic. On the path. She is the best kind of new friend- the one you meet and feel immediately as if you've known them forever. Tracy intrigues and delights me. The synchronicities between us feel true and real; and I also honor her unique perspective, deeply. She is a true leader; one who understands and embraces where we are headed as a world, and one who will help us get there. She is an old soul, and I am so excited to share her brilliance with you.

Thank you Tracy for bringing so much indescribable energetic healing to my life. You are a beautiful witch.

You can learn more about Tracy and her work HERE.

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Hello Heart Marrow community!

I am honored to be featured in this gorgeous newsletter, and grateful for all Sarah-Lu has brought into my life.

About me: I am a writer, dancer, artist, and facilitator. I work with energy, embodiment, and nature.

I teach and support through one on one client work, group creative practice, and embodiment training. Additionally, I am preparing to self-publish a workbook, and starting on a new performance piece inspired by octopus and spiders.

What lies at the center?

Love and Mystery

A burning love mystery

What lies at the center?

An impulse a collection

A portal

What lies at the center?

Our gateway to beyond




The place our particular collection of

awareness drops off the beyond map

What lies at the center?



The tipping of point where


-Indescribable and unthinkable-

Feeds us

What lies at the center?

a mechanism that

pours forth life force

*We drink from this place

Where lies the exchange between

The mystery of the cosmos

And our simple, embodied,

human, existence.

What lies at the center

Is spirit technology

manifestation point

The firmament of love

The grid and field

The upwell the uptick from deep beyond source

Into right here and here we are

A burning love mystery

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