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Do you know how groups have moments of feeling stuck, uninspired, or disconnected? HEART MARROW'S Time Measures New Moon Ritual Gatherings offer a spacious alternative to community development to help your group feel energized, aware, and full of love and care for each other and the wholeness of life. 


Are you celebrating a solar return, a birth, or a death cycle?
Do you seek non-linear, intuitive guidance within a group of professionals, neighbors, or creatives?
Are you ready to deepen your business or organizational
practices in new ways?
Are you looking for family or
neighborhood inspiration?

HEART MARROW offers Time Measures new moon rituals for groups at your home, creative space, or place of business. These gatherings are honed to the participants, and I bring personal insight and process for the months to come.


The new moon is a time to set intentions for the coming cycle of six months. It is a time to find solace, to breathe, to initiate. It is a time of deep rest. It is linked to the archetypal feminine expression in each of us, inclusive of all genders. The new moon asks us what stories we want to tell in our lives, in relationship to the astrological currents. 

Open up to the potential of deep intentional shifts with each other.
Connect with the astrology of the moment.
Explore how the body relates to the archetypes.
Gather with friends, coworkers, family, and neighbors- all with the help of a seasoned guide, ME!



2-3 hours, on or around the new moon

- Prior to the circle, I ask questions and get a feel for your group via email.

- I create a thoughtful and customized ritual for your group. 

- We come together and build a community altar, 

- I open the circle- presenting intentions, calling in the elements, the guides, the directions, and paying deep and vocal reverence to the indigenous caretakers of this land*.

- I lead your group through a spoken exploration and discussion of the current moon cycle and the archetypes that are present.

- I offer prompts for a somatic (bodily, physical, movement- and sound-oriented) exploration of the archetypes, individually and as a group.

- I present an exercise in witnessing and listening to each other, in pairs. 

- We spend time making intentions with a prompt from me, and I offer a ritualized approach to the dissemination of these intentions to the spirit world. 

- I bring a scent, a flower essence, and a channeled piece of original music for you to meditate with, and for the energy to ground.

- We close the circle with gratitude for the ancestors, spiritual guides, elementals, and the land-stewards. 



Personal groups such as friends, neighbors, and creative groups:

4-10 participants- $50/person for up to 6 people, $30 for each additional person

Professional organizations such as non-profits, small businesses, and larger arts orgs:

6-20 participants- $75/person for up to 12 people, $60 for each additional person


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