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A Salable Hark Lure: The Unraveling is a choreographic triptych. This multimedia performance work integrates live original music, movement and projection to explore how research into personal and collective ancestry both informs and might interrupt white supremacy culture.


The piece is directed by choreographer Sarah-Luella Baker based on her personal desire to process  these themes through the artistic process.Using the sub-themes of female/earth trauma, toxic masculinity, capitalism and animism, the artists create a thought-provoking world that is sustained somewhere between the past and the future.


Sarah-Luella Baker, Rebecca Pierce Rall, Celine Bouly, Gina James, Vanessa Hopkins, Nancy Ellis.




Press Inquiries - Lisa Hill, (503) 730-8055



“I began this piece with a desire to process the experience of racism and whiteness artistically instead of intellectually; through the body, versus through the mind,” says choreographer Sarah-Luella Baker. “This has had a profound impact on my ability to understand how white supremacy culture operates and thrives.”

Sarah-Luella Baker

Sarah-Luella Baker is a multi-disciplinary performer and choreographic director invoking movement, music, sound, breath, image and artifact. Her current research involves the somatic development of movement; time and trust in process; art-making as collective healing; excavation of social territories; and the numinous, complex performative experience. 


Sarah-Luella has developed and produced work in Portland, Oregon, the Bay Area, Davis, CA, the Salt Lake Valley, and at festivals and workshops in NYC and Vancouver BC. In 2005 while earning a Masters in Choreography from UC Davis, Sarah-Luella began combining original music and movement with theatricality to create surprising, open performance works that revolve around the intersections of the personal and political. 


After a ten-year art-making hiatus, Sarah-Luella re-emerged in 2017 as an artist in the vibrant world of local Portland art makers.

Sarah-Luella is a mother of two children, and the founder and consulting director of two local schools for young children. She considers the work of relating to and learning with children and families to be in correlation with the act of creating art for audiences.

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