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The Elemental Voice is a somatic vocal playground. A practice anchored in breath, sound, movement, and permission. A community space with a flexible, responsive score.  With skills as both an artist and healer, I will guide you through an accessible and imaginative journey of vocal sounding, expressive/somatic movement, and process-oriented art and writing. Explore the physical, mental, and emotional realms of your personal voice and your connection to the voices of the elements, animals, plants, and trees.  

This series is perfect for artists and movers- those who dance, practice yoga, act, walk, run, play- and others who are curious about these practices and open to the creative process- who want to have new somatic experiences by playing with vocalized sound as an outlet for engagement with the world.

In this workshop we will open new landscapes for vocal play, discover the ways the voice gets trapped in the body, and release nuance into form.  Explore how the elements connect with your voice. Uncover new possibilities for expression. Tap into your physical, emotional, and mental body to set your voice free!

Interested in joining us? Inquire here

This workshop series is for you if:

You are wanting to explore the connection between your voice, your body, your thoughts, and your feelings. 

You are someone who feels closed at the throat and is longing to open this space of your embodiment.

You are a mover who feels tempted but not permitted to use breath and voice in your regular movement settings.

You are searching for ways to explore your voice in fresh ways that are process-oriented and somatic.

You are longing for community and witness around vocalization and movement.

You are looking for a space to be more than civilized.

You are curious about the ways that voice can transform our relationship to the living, breathing world around us.

This series is probably not a great fit if:

You are looking for a place to explore technique.


You are longing for performative spaces.

What is included?

  • explorative, playful, and sacred in-person workshops in the beautiful Breathe Building in SE PDX

  • post-workshop sauna hour

  • post-session facilitated zoom conversation

  • post-session sound and musical offering 


Tiered payment offerings:


Workshop Package = all four workshops

Tier One- $240
Tier Two- $400
Tier Three- $600


Individual Workshops = one workshop
Tier One- $70
Tier Two- $110
Tier Three- $160

SUNDAYS 1-5:30 (with sauna hour afterward)



Inquire here. Registration opening soon!

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