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What Lies At The Center #1: Linda K Johnson

Community! I am very happy to be bringing you the inaugural first-quarter-moon edition of this newsletter today. The first quarter is a time of building, growing, and perhaps a bit of tension. My aim here is to bring us all a breath of fresh air and space at these moments of the month- by inviting a guest to the space of Heart Marrow. Each month I will conduct a micro-interview with someone who I love- someone who has brought me awareness and connection.

I am thrilled and honored, to start off this series with the esteemed, present, and courageous spirit of Linda K Johnson. Linda has been a very meaningful teacher for me over the past six years. Here is a bit more about Linda, before we receive her contribution.

Linda K. Johnson has been a dance artist and somatic educator in the Portland community for over 40 years. Her series Scores for Encountering began in 2005 with 'a lunchtime' for the Keller Fountain, and has evolved to include 7 other scores for meeting and perceiving spaces. Sarah-Lu’s invitation to reflect on the idea of center has prompted score #8, Scores for Encountering - Finding Center. You can find more about Linda K and her work HERE.

I hope you enjoy her beautiful and meaningful offering.

Linda's Accompanying Photo and Words:

From the Estate of Fred Sandback

My addition: Materials - yarn, space, gravity, tension, light, color

Linda K. Johnson- What lies at the center for you?

Scores for Encountering #8 - Finding Center

Considerations on the nature of center, for Sarah-Luella

I do not concern myself with what lies at the center.

I prefer the mystery, the not knowing, the unnamed.

I do notice that - regardless, some kind of center locates me -

Daily, reliably, continually.

I am alive.

(Notice your thoughts)

I find that if I allow for gravity -

Receive her and allow myself to be received by her,

The ground becomes my ally under her influence

And I can rest.

I am grateful.

(Notice your body)

All things contain their opposite.

If there is a center, then there is no center.

If there is a place, then there is no place.

If there is alignment, then there is no alignment.

If there is an answer, then there is no answer.

I am free.

(Notice your heart)

thank you Linda

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