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Somatics: WTAF?

Updated: Jan 31, 2022

Somatics is a field of learning and therapy that uses the body as a form of intelligence. In the field of somatics, any one, any body learns how to listen more deeply to the body, this one, singular, precious and fleeting body. What does this body, this time around, have to share with us? How does it move, or not move? What are the messages, and how can we learn to hear them?

Within the culture of the western world, especially white culture in the US, we are actively taught not to listen to our bodies. From the time we are born, we learn how to disregard the messages of our bodies.

Shussh, don't cry baby. You're okay. It's ok.

Don't touch that. Don't touch your face. Don't pick your nose. Don't grab. Keep your hands to yourself.

Get in line. Stay in line. Stay in your seat. Stop fidgeting. Why are you so squirmy?

Are you a boy or a girl? What are you having? A boy or a girl?

Don't run in the halls. Don't run on the blacktop. Don't run.

Layers upon layers upon layers of centuries of self-censure of our bodies.

Yes- there are sanitary concerns here.

Yes- there are consent issues here.

Yes- there is the big discussion around personal freedom versus community care.

And- one can easily see how days add up to weeks and weeks to months and months to years of us hearing what we need to be doing differently- with our bodies. All of this coding leads to bodies that are. not. free. And by freedom I do NOT mean free to spread disease or free to abuse or free to restrict. I mean free to move and express the inner life of spirit.

When we learn how to listen to our uniquely idiosyncratic bodies, instead of only our very limited minds, we begin to understand more deeply who we are.

Somatics is a practice of understanding self from an internal experience.

This body is yours.

I practice somatics with clients, alongside astrology and expressive-arts healing.

I work with individual systems to help people like you understand themselves better, feel more pleasure, and heal patterns that they no longer need to have in use.

We use movement, touch, art, and talk to explore the current.

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