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Land, Art, Technology, Magic, Eggs

My younger kid

(who came from an egg) and I

were talking about magic

as we often do

"I think magic moves and changes as history moves forward. I think technology is a kind of magic."

Magic moving forward. Technology is magic.

I am shedding, still shedding.

Through this dark-of-the-moon phase, I am in.

through the current horrors

through the salt of the lake bed

I am shedding, shedding, shedding some more.

Shedding what?

Shedding ego. Shedding time as a commodity.

Oh, shedding the male gaze.

Shedding more and more of my eggs.

shedding the sense

that there is some urgent thing to do

that will get me where I 'need' to be

other than here

such a trick of the system we are in

the system that feeds only a few, and not even them in any real way.

the one that thrives on fear

and more

Speed up.

Go faster.

What's next?

What else?

So what about magic?

Technology. What is technology?

The word technology springs from the practice of art making.

Technology has been co-opted,

like every other fucking thing in our culture,

to deaden us and to serve the system instead of people.


The big SM feeds the machine of urgency.

there is surveillance everywhere

But games and ipads and iphones are fun.

Movies and shows are wild, storied escapes into other realities.

We get to speak with our families and see their faces without physically relocating.

There is magic in all of that too.

I live on land.

You live on land.

We all live on a planet called Earth.

She is alive.

We are alive.

We are in bodies.

We create technology/art/magic.

There is dark and light.

I do not own the land.

I have a mortgage.

I 'own' the land.


This was something I wanted.

I steward the land.

The land and people have been forced into a non-consensual relationship with each other.

I see flowers. I am with them.

I sit under trees. They are more powerful than I am.

Definitely wiser.

I eat food from land nearby, grown by others who care for land.

Sometimes neighbors give us eggs.

I can hear the hens egging each other on in the morning: 'lay that egg honey. lay it!'

i lay my own eggs each month until they are gone

We garden.

We steward.

The land is not ours, not mine.

The bodies of womxn are not yours.

The body of the land is not yours.

How to use magic/technology:

one part love

one part inention

one part shedding, shedding, shedding

and.... stop.

and... stop again.

and... stop.

just stop.

loosen the pores

be with the trees

smell a flower touch it gently

allow the lens of technology to widen

so i can feel myself again

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