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initiation: the act of beginning


In an initial session with Heart Marrow, I will introduce you to the art of your chart. To me, the natal astological chart is not a fixed concept. It is a living, breathing being. It is an animate metaphor for your path and a sentient artifact of your belonging to yourself. During our collaborative conversation, the chart comes alive to you, and you learn how to walk more clearly with yourself. 


- We start with a check-in about where you are at in your life, via email. 

- I spend a few hours (1.5-3) drawing your chart and reading the life inside of it, using astrological principles as well as my knowledge of ancestral healing, ritual arts, parenthood, early childhood, and expressive arts therapy. 

- We meet for 1.5 hours to discuss.

- Through discussion and imagery, we process your sun, moon, and ascendant placements- as well other prominent planets and aspects (relationships).

- We look at your nodal placements, and through discussion and imagery, we process the story of your past lives or your ancestral patterns.  

- Closure: I pick a song, writing prompt, or art prompt for you, and you spend a bit of time during our session or afterward integrating the information that emerged. 

I offer a sliding scale because it is important that this work is accessible. 

$200-150 for the above. 

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