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Sarah-Luella Baker is a multi-disciplinary ARTIST, ASTROLOGER, and MAMA living in Portland, Oregon. Sarah-Lu uses her body, vocalization, instrumentation, video, paper, ink, natural dyes, salt, and water to invoke textural, symbolic, and ritualistic works of art. More about Sarah-Lu here.

Through our time together within Heart Marrow, you will begin to know yourself on a deeper level- learning more about self-love, empathy, and connection to the spiritual, and timeless, part of your nature. My playful, passionate, and personalized evolutionary astrology consultations will assist you on your path into newfound self-knowledge, and toward an inner star of guidance. When you know yourself, you can give the world your gifts. The marrow of your heart is waiting to feed you again. Come inside.

More about Heart Marrow here.

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