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Are we a good fit?

You can learn more about my clients' takes on me on my testimonials page. But here is a little on me, from me. 

Really fit is about feeling right?

When you meet someone and you say, 'I want to be in relation to that person right there.'  And yet, there are things we know about ourselves as practitioners. So while this is not necessarily an exclusionary list, I do have a special place in my heart for these folks, and here is why!


Mid- to late-life folx-

I find joy in helping people work this beautiful, heart-rending, and powerful time of life. Mid-life awakening. Spiritual awakening. Coming to terms with mortality. Maturation. Croning. Whatever name you want to put on it. This is a potent and transformative time of life. 

Womxn and the LGBTQ+ community-

I am a womxn. I am gender non-conforming. I live in a queer family, I am continuously queering, and I believe our future is queer. 

Creatives-teachers, artists, activists, small biz owners, healers

am a deeply creative change-maker, healer, and visionary. The more of us there are who are being fully supported and lifted up, the better this world will be. 

Mamas and their kids-

I understand the overlooked and undervalued profundity of bringing life into the world, and/or nurturing young people. I am on a lifelong journey of nurturance and teaching and soul-tending. How we approach and view our youth will change our culture. 

Furthermore, we might be a great fit if you:

  • are spiritually and politically progressive, and/or anti-government/establishment

  • enjoy the art of a good conversation

  • enjoy moving, sounding, and making process-oriented art

  • are community-minded, generous, and connective

  • have a deep and growing curiosity and/or understanding of anti-bias, anti-racist learning and ideas

  • are part of the LGBTQ+ community

  • are a caregiver who is struggling with your all-consuming role as caregiver and emotional supporter

  • are an intersectional feminist

  • are a complex thinker

  • are interested in generational wounding and ancestral healing

  • want to do ongoing healing work / are not here for a quick fix

  • have time or want to make time to commit to spiritual work

  • enjoying learning in intuitive/poetic spaces

  • believe that the body has its own insight and wisdom

  • believe that we are souls living in bodies on earth, or willing to stretch your imagination in this way

  • are comfortable with or interested in vulnerability

  • are willing to explore ideas of ancestry as it relates to current socio-cultural illnesses such as anti-racist and anti-bias practices

  • believe that plants, animals, and minerals are sentient and alive beings


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We would not be such a great fit if you:

  • are seeking help with moderate to severe mental illness- I am not a therapist

  • have persistent perfectionist or rigid thinking

  • are heavily invested in right-wing politics or fascism

  • are a heavy smoker or a heavy drug user

  • do not recognize the profoundly harmful impact of racism, sexism, or homophobia


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities.

Let's connect.

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