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Here is a little from me
& here you'll find a little from others: testimonials

This is not meant to be an exclusionary list. It is only a reflection of having a special place in my heart for these folks and why.


MID-to-late life folx

I find joy in helping people work this beautiful, heart-rending, and powerful time of life. Mid-life awakening. Spiritual awakening. Coming to terms with mortality. Maturation. Croning. Whatever name you want to put on it. This is a potent and transformative time of life.

WOMXN and the LGBTQ+ community

I am a womxn. I am gender non-conforming. I live in a queer family, I am continuously queering, and I believe our future is queer.

CREATIVES, teachers, artists, activists, small biz owners, healers

I am a deeply creative change-maker, healer, and visionary. The more of us there are who are being fully supported and lifted up, the better this world will be. ​


I understand the overlooked and undervalued profundity of bringing life into the world and nurturing young people. I am on a lifelong journey of nurturance, teaching and soul-tending. How we approach and view our youth will change our culture.

I use a range of techniques to tailor our work to your needs.:

  • Creating Alignment.
    Creating alignment & fulfillment: work/life balance, finances/values, values/family and friends alignment…


  • Dialogue and Communication.
    I am here to listen and offer supportive constructive dialogue.


  • Let’s Make Something Together.
    Enjoy learning and exploring self-discovery in intuitive, poetic ways. I use movement, sound, improvisation, and making as path ways to meditation, awareness, and joy. I believe people are infinitely creative and innately want to evolve, connect, process, and grow if given the space. Exploring skills suc
    h as improvisation and creative decision making provides a diverse  set of tools for navigating the world we live in.

  • Joy. HEART MARROW offers the joy of dedicated space and time to simply be and be in relationship to yourself. 

  • Connecting to community in positive, sustainable, and restorative ways.

  • I offer support to caregivers facing all-consuming expectations and chronic exhaustion

  • I assist with generational wounding and ancestral healing

  • We will stretch our imaginations

  • We will work with vulnerability

  • We will work with accountability 

  • I believe that plants, animals, and minerals are sentient. We will reference ecology and work with nature


BOOK HERE. or- Learn more about my offerings

I recognize the profoundly harmful impacts of racism, sexism, and homophobia. I offer an inclusive safe space. My training has included trauma-informed practices.

I am not a therapist and do not specialize in sobriety or addiction issues. I am happy to offer recommendations if this comes up in our work. Work with HEART MARROW can work well in coordination with mental health therapies.

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