Evolution at the confluence of astrology, art, and the body. 


I am an astrologer and artist who has been guiding others in the realms of art and spirituality for over twenty-five years. It is a huge gift to me to be able to impact the lives of people in my community through healing and the arts. My specific interests lie in the decolonizing of our bodies, minds, and spirits towards personal and community liberation; as well as the realms of parenting, ancestry, and lineage.


I have had a longing inside of me for art, movement, and healing since I was very young. As early as my teen years, I was led to an interest in astrology, art in many forms, and healing work. I have a Bachelor's and a Master in Fine

Arts and I have been a practicing artist for decades. For the past seven years, I have been deepening my research and study of many forms including Evolutionary Astrology; the Life Art Process; experiential anatomy; and ancestral healing. I am in ongoing mentorships with many exceptional guides- both living and in spirit form.


For the past fourteen years, I call myself mama as well- to two wonderful children and two overly-large dogs. This daily, constant and profound practice informs how I approach my work with others. In a former decade-long iteration, I founded and ran a beloved neighborhood school for young children.  I consider the work of conceiving, birthing, and mothering to be in direct relationship to healing work- viewing both as embodied and creative practices of presence and direct relationship.

I would be so honored to assist you in your own growth, healing, and seeking, and in finding the marrow of your exceptional and unique heart.  Ready to work with me? Access my offerings here. Book a session here