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A Salable Hark Lure: The Unraveling



This exploratory multimedia triptych culminates Spring 2020 with five performances at New Expressive Works in Portland.


In the Yard


A 40-minute-long multimedia work with original movement, music, and design- made for and with six artists.




 A 10-minute-long solo working with movement,  breath, sound, and song- made for the choreographer.

I'm not so interested in how people move, but what moves them.

Pina Bausch


A Salable Hark Lure



Sarah-Luella Baker is a multi-disciplinary performance artist and choreographer- evoking movement, music, sound, breath, image, and artifact. In 2005 while earning a Masters in Choreography from UC Davis, Sarah-Lu began combining original music and movement with theatricality to create surprising, open performance works that revolve around the intersections of the personal and political. Currently, Sarah-Lu is researching the somatic development of movement, time, trust in process, art-making as collective healing, and the numinous, complex performative experience. 

Sarah-Lu has a background and education in Fine Arts, and has developed and produced work in Portland, Oregon, the Bay Area, the Salt Lake Valley, and at festivals and workshops in NYC and Vancouver BC. She recently finished a six-month residency at New Expressive Works in Portland, working collaboratively with movement artist Celine Bouly, musical artist Rebecca Rall, and visual artist Bonnie Paisley to create Without a Map, the first section of a triptych entitled A Salable Hark Lure.  

Sarah-Lu’s current work has been described as dreamlike, nuanced, seamless, disorienting, layered, langourous, dadaesque, surreal, and geologic.

Sarah-Lu is also mother to two brilliant children, and the owner and consulting director of two schools for young children. She considers the work of relating to and learning with children, to be in direct relationship to the work of creating performance art.  

After taking ten years to develop her relationships to her children and the schools, in April of 2017, Sarah-Lu re-entered the tender and vibrant world of art makers, learning alongside Tahni Holt, Tracy Broyles, Suniti Dernovsek, Linda K Johnson, Courtney von Drehle, Hannah Krafcik, Linda Austin, Chelsea Petrakis, John Johnson, Jen Gwirtz, Jaime Lee Christiana, Debbie Baxter, and many other engaged local artists to whom she feels a profound depth of gratitude.

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