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continuation: the process of being carried on


After the Initiation session, we ripple out in a continual way.  You are now familiar with your natal map, and we will begin to explore together to understand where you are now, and where you might be going. There are many influences on our lives that create moments of great strife, joy, and transformation. Knowing what is happening on archetypal levels allows you to play with the energies instead of feeling like you are fighting against change. Refresh your understanding of yourself and your path, all while rooted and anchored to your original map- the natal chart. 

You can book individual continuation sessions, or a Primal Triad package here


- We start with a check-in about where you are at in your life, via email; OR if you are working within the primal triad, I access my notes from our previous session. 

- I spend a couple hours (1-2) going over your current transits and progressions, allowing themes and stories to emerge- using astrological principles as well as my knowledge of ancestral healing, ritual arts, parenthood, early childhood, and expressive arts therapy. 

- We meet for 1 hour to discuss.

- Through discussion, imagery, writing, drawing and movement- we process your current map and make sensation out of what emerges.  

- Optional- I collaborate with the flowers and minerals to make you a healing essence medicine.  

I offer a sliding scale because it is important that this work is accessible. 

$150-100 for the above. 

Book here

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