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Education and Training

My life’s work reflects an abiding interest in the human experience of being an individual within a community- a body within an ecosystem. The connections that bring us together- both as an individual organism and within a group- are what continues to intrigue me. Within and between the body, the soul, the emotional world, and the mind- what might we find?

My specific interests within this field of questioning are:

  • re-spiriting our world with agency and delight

  • reclaiming the body, mind, and spirit for individual and communal liberation

  • support with the process of croning/aging

  • support for feminist, anti-racist, anti-bias learning

  • parenting and relationships

  • ancestral and lineage healing


These interests are buoyed by training and education:

  • Tamalpa Institute Embodied Leadership 250-hour Certification 2022-present

  • Under the Eagle’s Wing Yearlong Apprenticeship with Shayne Case 2023-present

  • Craftsperson Practitioner Certification Training at Forrest Center for Evolutionary Astrology 2023-present

  • Mythopoetic and Experiential Astrology Mentorship Group with Jason Holley 2023- present

  • Astrology Mentorship and Coaching with Gina James 2020-present

  • Earth Signs Mythopoetic Experiential Astrology Group with Jason Holley 2022-2023

  • Apprentice Practitioner Certification Forrest Center for Evolutionary Astrology 2022

  • Under the Eagle’s Wing Yearlong Mentorship with Shayne Case 2022

  • Tamalpa Institute Personal Embodiment 250-hour Certification 2021-2022

  • Year-one Training at Astrology University 2021

  • Experiential Anatomy Somatic Educator 182-hour Training with Moving Within 2019-2022:

    • Senses and Perceptions

    • Basic Neurocellular Patterns

    • Fluids Systems

    • Endocrine Systems

    • Ontogenetic Development

  • Ancestral Healing One-Year Intensive with Larisa Noonan 2020-2021

  • Ancestral Healing Lineage Intensive 3-day Intensive with Larisa Noonan and Elsa Asher 2020

  • Contemporary Alexander Technique Training 100-hour training 2018

  • Ancestral Healing Lineage Intensive 3-day Intensive with Larisa Noonan and Seyta Selter 2018

  • Justice Journey five-day intensive anti-bias, anti-racism training with Katie Kissinger 2016

  • Seven-Day Intensive Reggio Emilia Study Tour in Reggio Emilia, Italy 2016

  • Building a Business 60-hour Management Training 2013-2014

  • Opal School Center for Children’s Learning Mentorship Program 56-hour training in constructivist education and learning 2011-2012

  • Step 10 on the Oregon Registry- Recognizing Community Education and Training equivalent to a Bachelor's Degree in Education 2013

  • State Certified School Director, Business Owner, and Teacher Educator with professional accolades 2010-2020

  • MFA in Choreography from UC Davis 2005

  • BFA in Modern Dance with honors from University of Utah 1997

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