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My work reflects an abiding interest in the experience of being an individual within a community–a body within an ecosystem. The connections that bring us together, inside of our individual organisms and as people inside groups, are what continue to intrigue me. Within and between the body, the soul, the emotional world, and the mind–what might we find? 


  • re-spiriting our world with agency and meaning

  • reclaiming the body, mind, and spirit for individual and communal liberation

  • support with the process of croning/aging

  • support for feminist, anti-racist, anti-bias learning

  • parenting and relationships

  • ancestral and lineage healing




PhD Student in Transformative Studies at the California Insitute of Integral Studies Current

Registered Somatic Movement Educator/Therapist 

Integrative Somatic Trauma Therapy Certification

Embodied Leadership Certification @ Tamalpa Institute

Apprentice Practitioner Certification Forrest Center for Evolutionary Astrology 

MFA in Choreography 

BFA in Modern Dance 


Craftsperson Practitioner Certification @ Forrest Center for Evolutionary Astrology  in process 2023-present

Mythopoetic / Experiential Astrology Mentorship with Jason Holley 

Foundational Training Astrology University 

Astrology Mentorship and Coaching with Gina James 


Ongoing Experiential Anatomy study with Wendy Hambidge 

Experiential Anatomy 

  • Senses and Perceptions

  • Basic Neurocellular Patterns

  • Fluids Systems

  • Endocrine Systems

  • Ontogenetic Development

Contemporary Alexander Technique 


​​Under the Eagle’s Wing Yearlong Mentorship & Apprenticeship with Shayne Case 2021-2023

Ancestral Healing Mentorship with Larisa Noonan since 2018



Justice Journey anti-bias, anti-racism training with Katie Kissinger 2016

Reggio Emilia Study Tour Italy 2016

Building a Business 60-hour Management Training 2013-2014

Opal School Center for Children’s Learning Mentorship Program 56-hour training in constructivist education and learning 2011-2012

State Certified School Director with professional accolades 2010-2020

Step 10 on the Oregon Registry equal to a Bachelor's Degree in Education 2013

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