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Initiation: New Clients

Get acquainted with your natal chart! This is a snapshot of the sky at the moment you were born. We discuss your primal triad, your nodes, and other relevant aspects and relationships. You receive a hand-drawn chart. We lightly access the arts and somatics to integrate the presented information.



$200-150 sliding scale


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Flower Essence: Add-On

In relation to your chart and our work together, I work in tandem with the flowers to make a personalized potion that will assist you on your current path. 


Continuation: Returning Clients

Ongoing astrological sessions addressing different aspects of the natal chart, discussing current transits and progressions, and using. somatics and the arts as springboards for processing material. 



$150-100 sliding scale


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Time Measures New Moon Ritual Circles

I offer new moon rituals for small groups of people at your home or space. These gatherings are honed to the participants, and I bring personal insight and process for the months to come. Make some intentions, connect with the astrology of the moment, and gather with friends- all with the help of a seasoned guide. 

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Primal Triad Package

Begin with an Initiation session, and add on three continuation sessions to work deeply with your Sun, Moon, and Ascendant placements through movement, sound, visual art, and writing, all in a safe and focused relationship.

One 90-minute Initiation session

Three Continuation sessions

$525-450 sliding scale


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The Elemental Voice Workshop Series

The Elemental Voice is a somatic vocal playground. With skills as both an artist and healer, I will guide you through an accessible and imaginative journey of vocal sounding, expressive/somatic movement, and process-oriented art and writing.  Registration opening soon!

More info on structure, timing, and pricing here

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